Chasing Her Dream

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Magaly Miramontes Cibrian is a woman to be reckoned with. She is the kind of person who will not take no for an answer. “I can’t” is not in her vocabulary. She lives in Volcanes and has been working at our project for over 3 years. She is in charge of our dance classes, coordinates our special events and is our connection to the people in this community. If we need to have a parent’s meeting, Magaly will go house to house if needed to get the word out. She is a doer and has a “let’s-get-er-done” attitude. We love that about her.

Magaly was born to impoverished parents in Guadalajara. She has 9 siblings and dropped out after elementary school to start working and help the family put food on the table. “We needed money to feed all my siblings and I didn’t hesitate to quit school. I have always had a dream of studying law and becoming a lawyer, but my family comes first. I did what I had to do,” she tells me, confident in her decision. When you meet her, you can’t tell she was an elementary drop-out. She is very articulate and always has an answer for us when we need to figure out what government department we need to contact, or what procedure must be followed, in any given circumstance. I actually thought she was already an attorney when I met her because people were always asking her for advice on those kinds of issues.

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle or plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

Pablo Picasso

Last year Magaly became interested when we made a partnership with the government-run INEA (National Institute for the Education of Adults). This program aims to help adults and teenagers over the age of 15 get a primary and secondary education certificate if they dropped out. We currently have 21 students enrolled in this program. Magaly is one of them. She was one of the first ones to register and has been very diligent with her studies. Whenever she has free time, she locks herself in our library and does her schoolwork. On April 21, 2019 she was the first person to pass her middle school exam. She is our first graduate. She did not hesitate at all and is now enrolled in our Prepa en Linea (High School on Line) program. For the next 2 years she will work on her high school diploma. “And after I finish high school, I am going to get the law degree I’ve always wanted,” she says with her fist slamming the table. She is smiling when she tells me this, but I know she is not joking. You can’t stop someone who is so focused on chasing her dream.

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