Having Fun and Making a Difference

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There is something transformational about doing community service or volunteering your time for a cause or project you believe in. Through service, people learn the power they have to make an impact in the world and turn it into a better place. Everyone who knows our program knows we take community service very seriously and incorporate it into our daily activities and programs. ShoreTrips and CruisePlanners are world renowned travel agencies who exemplify and match our philosophy to community service.

ShoreTrips was recently awarded the World Travvy Award Winner 2019 for World’s Best Shore Excursions and CruisePlanners is the nation’s largest home-based travel agent franchise network in the travel industry. On March 19, 2019, close to seventy people from these two prestigious companies came to our school to work on some projects they wanted to help us with. It was a wild day. People were everywhere painting, gardening, sealing, mingling and reading books to our students. They arrived in a huge tour bus and filed out one by one in what seemed like an infinite line of volunteers. After taking a few pictures of the surrounding area we all got to work. In total, 4 classrooms and one big (future) kitchen were painted. All of our windows were properly sealed to keep the rain from leaking in and the AC air from going out. Our trees and garden were trimmed and cleaned and 20 volunteers read to students in our library.

“Do what you can to show you care about people, and you will make our world a better place.”

Rosalynn Carter

This community service was arranged by ShoreTrips as part of its “Give” activities. “By bringing us to a community outreach center where we spent time with kids and got our hands dirty, we were able to help out while fostering connections with the locals. These are moments that many travelers cherish…,” said Michelle Fee, the founder of Cruise Planners. This mindset, to be of service while also having fun and vacationing is one of a kind and will make these two companies successful for a long time. Along with their invaluable service, Cruise Planners also donated $2,000 U.S. dollars and ShoreTrips donated another $500 to our program. We are very thankful to every single person who volunteered and specifically to Andrea Khan who was instrumental in getting everything organized weeks in advance and visited the school the Sunday before the project to ensure everything was in place.


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