Music to our Ears

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Teatro Vallarta is a very popular 960 seat venue in the heart of Puerto Vallarta. It has been used by some very well recognized performers in its years of existence. Although our music students are not world-renowned (yet!), they have been welcomed at Teatro Vallarta twice – and loved it!

On December 21, 2018, our band participated with the whole Orchesta Escuela de Puerto Vallarta (OEPV) orchestra in an end-of-year concert there. The OEPV is our partner in the music program here at the VKEP. Our teacher, Rafa, has done a very good job with the kids since day one. We had previously mentioned how music has transformed these kids. They walk around with a different pep in their step and music has made them truly believe in themselves. The concert at Teatro Vallarta was a testament to that. They all walked in in their white and black uniforms, shirts and blouses tucked in, head held high and instrument in their hand as if they were going to a royal wedding.

“You create community with music, not just concerts but by talking about it with your friends.”

David Byrne

Normally, these types of concerts are very formal affairs. Everyone claps as if they are clapping at a tennis match. On this night, the whole place had a festive atmosphere. Maybe it was the fact that we were only a few days from Christmas, or so close to El Malecon, but the place was alive. Our kids played some very fun and interactive pieces which had the crowd clapping along with the beat. It is amazing how good they have become in such a short period of time. Our hats go off to Mr. Rafa for doing such an exceptional job. The music program has literally been music to our ears.

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