Our Project is in the Solution Business

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A solution is defined as a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation; the state of being solved: a particular instance or method of solving; an explanation or answer. Here at the Volcanes Community Education Project, we are in the solution business. If there is a problem or a difficult situation facing the community, we find ways to solve it or deal with it, firmly believing that solving problems at the micro-level (neighborhoods) also helps solve problems at the macro-level (cities, states, nations).

Many people who know very little about us become confused when they see Volcanes Community Education Project and Volcanes Kids Education Project. Are we the same program? Yes, we are.

 “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” – African Proverb

The Volcanes Community Education Project has two main programs: the Volcanes Kids Education Project and the Volcanes Sewing school. The Kids Project is focused on ensuring that kids in these poor neighborhoods stay in school. The Sewing School focuses on teaching adult women skills which will help them become self-sufficient and entrepreneurial.

The Coronavirus has affected the entire world’s economies. But here in Puerto Vallarta, the damage has been profound because our economy is based on the tourist industry. No tourists means no jobs and no jobs means no income for many families. To battle this problem, the Volcanes Kids Education Project began a food bank that is currently giving out 100 despensas (food packages) per week. In total, we are helping 400 families a month (100 each week). The response to our food bank has been phenomenal. Over 200 people have donated small and big amounts to help us keep people fed.

Puerto Vallarta is currently the second city with the most coronavirus infections in the state of Jalisco, with 102 confirmed cases, 10 deaths and more infections occurring daily. Because of this situation, we believe our city will be one of the last ones to recover from this pandemic. We also believe, if things work out in the near future and if the tourists return this year, that we will need to help families in Volcanes and the surrounding areas until late September, October or maybe even November. Your continued support of our food bank is very important and appreciated.

On April 20, 2020, social isolation and wearing of masks was made mandatory in our state until further notice. This created a problem because many people in our neighborhoods lack the funds or the means to access masks. Enter our Volcanes Sewing School. A member of the Santa Barbara Rotary Club suggested that our sewing school students mobilize and make masks for people who had no access to them. We thought that was a great idea – a solution to a problem. Our Sewing School is currently producing 600 masks a week. We have distributed them to members of the Puerto Vallarta Police force, some Rotary Clubs here in Vallarta and to other people who are passing out food packages around the city. The teachers who are running the Food Bank also give a mask to every person who does not have one.

Our two projects, the Volcanes Kids Education Project and the Sewing School, are in the solution business and we will continue finding ways to attack any and all problems that arise in these communities. Thanks to every single person who has helped us and gives us the tools needed to do the work we continue to do.

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