Scholarships Come to Save the Day

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On August 24, 2020 the new school year began here in Mexico. Due to the pandemic, all classes have been conducted on-line. One of the main problems faced by many students in our country, especially in low-income neighborhoods like Volcanes, is the lack of access to internet and computers needed for on-line classes.

Many of our scholarship students were having a hard time keeping up with their classes and homework due to this problem. Most of them were borrowing their parent’s phones and paying for “data” to do as much of the work as possible. A lot of them also borrowed the limited number of computers we had available and went to a friend’s house to have access to internet.

On October 12, 2020, these students received some major help through our scholarship program. Every single year the financial help these students receive is used to pay for tuition, uniforms, school materials and bus fare. Because everything was on-line this year, most of these kids bought laptops or phones on which they could do their homework. Some of the money was used to pay for the reduced school tuition fees, but almost everyone needed a laptop or phone of their own to keep up with the current curriculum, especially because it appears Mexico will be having on-line classes for the foreseeable future (maybe until next school year).

Every student receiving scholarship help is required to do one hour of community service per week, maintain an 8.5 grade point average and turn in their report card when it is issued. This program has been a big success and a big incentive for our kids to stay in school.

Normally, we have a very special ceremony at the prestigious UNIVA university here in Puerto Vallarta to pass out the checks and celebrate another year with our students. This year the pandemic has affected everything and our scholarship distribution was not spared. Instead, we had a very small celebration here at the school and gave each student their check in a very quick and safe way.

Congratulations to all of our scholarship students for another year of going to school, staying in school and dreaming big. A big thank you to each and everyone who sponsors one or more of our students in the scholarship program.