The Blue Tag Shop Partnership

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Marc, from Marco Media Studio, has become a serious partner and promoter of the Volcanes Kids Education Project. We first came in contact with him through his kind mother, Marjelaine, who was a volunteer at our program and would come to our school every Wednesday to work with our kids or to help our teachers in their classes.
Marjelaine found out we were trying to revamp our website and talked to her son Marc about the situation. It just so happens Marc is a professional web designer and, when he found out about it, he volunteered to create a new website for us free of charge. If you are reading this on our website, you can see for yourselves that he created something beautiful for us.

However, Marc’s involvement did not end there. When they lived here in Puerto Vallarta, he and his wife were constantly making donations to our program through their Café or getting other local businesses to help in some way. They have been a very generous family who support what we our doing here in this community.

“The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the
beginning of a happier life for ourselves.” — Helen Keller

Not long ago, Marc and his family moved to Europe, but their love for our project has continued. Just recently Marc started his own online business Blue Tag Shop, selling mobile accessories, drones, smart watches, etc. To show his continued support and involvement, Marc has agreed to donate 1 -2% of all his sales to our program! Soon in the next week, he will be also launching an online store for pet supplies called Blue Tag Pet. He has also agreed to support Volcanes in the same way from the sales of that business also.

If you are a supporter of Volcanes, please shop at Blue Tag Shop at Not only will you be getting quality items, you will also be contributing to our project and supporting an unselfish and community-oriented small business. He also provided a 20% discount to our supporters on their first purchase, just use VOLCANES20 code during checkout. Shipping is only available to the US for now.

Big thanks to Marc and his entire family for being so kind and generous to the Volcanes community. Go check out his website now. and

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